Palace Wool Rug 64621-59666


The rug is basically a floor covering of thick woven material made of soft wool, typically not extending over the entire floor. This classic floor covering comes with superior color, exclusive design, and outstanding execution. High-quality woolen material has been used for this Persian red rug. You’ll be amazed to know that the Persian rugs are one of the oldest rugs or carpet in the world. Though the beginning of rug weaving remains unknown, the imaginary timeframe is before 500 B.C. This one is made of sheep’s wool. In short, this classic piece is durable, dyes readily, and of course, easy to access. Camel hair wool or goat wool is rarely used.

There are different grades of Persian sheep wool, depending on the breed of sheep and how the wool is shorn and processed. This palace rug is made of Merino wool using unique hand-knotted weaving techniques. Merino wool is produced from a special kind of breeds of sheep available in New Zealand.

This beauty is made of a natural material. So it is non-allergenic. Along with that, it prevents the germination of dangerous bacteria and mites. This one is extremely soft and comfortable. It also provides the perfect space to kick back and relax inside the home. Wool is naturally 30% more stain-resistant than the best synthetic fibers. That’s because fiber comes with the coating of light wax. Apart from that this one is easy to clean. The best thing is varied options are available with different shapes and sizes. You can fit it into any kind of artistic home environment. Its luxuriousness, comfortability, and durability make it an excellent flooring option for everyone. Enriched with Mugal rug features, this Palace Wool Rug 64621-59666 is a perfect collection for your sweet home.

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