Antique Quality Woolen Rug


This one is a steal. This antique quality machine-made woolen rug is beautiful and durable. If you maintain and care it properly, it will be with you for decades. Now you must be wondering how to maintain it. It must be a tough job. Let us inform you that this is just hoax. You can maintain it by vacuuming only. This beautiful woolen carpet is also stain resistant. So you can clean it quite easily without investing much time and effort.

Now let’s concentrate on its beautiful design. This is the perfect combination of modern and traditional art. You can place it anywhere in your room, and it will instantly attract everyone. The best part is this exclusive woolen rug is non-allergic and comfortable. Your children can play on it peacefully and enjoy its softness. This rug combats the growth of bacteria, so the material is right for your health too.

Different sizes are also available. So you can pick the best one according to the size of your room. This flame-resistant carpet prevents mishaps. So your family will be completely safe with it. Though it looks expensive, it comes with an affordable price tag. So place it anywhere in your room and enjoy its magnificent beauty.

$ 899.00

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