Traditional Style Round Rug 160×160 cm 500 cream black


$ 249.00

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If you are decorating your house, you might want to consider covering your floor with a round rug. A round rug can make your room look grander, it can add definition to space, and it will give your room a bright and fresh look. And if it is this Traditional style rug, then your room will get a lavish appearance. This rug is embellished with conventional artwork, which gives it a look of royalty. Like other traditional or oriental rugs, this rug has delicately designed patterns that are certain to catch the attention of onlookers. If you wish to have a classic piece in your room, then this round rug is the one for you.

This Traditional Style round rug is available in 160 x 160 cm size. It has a cream base center and a black base border which form exquisite concentric loops. The ornately designed floral motifs in contrasting colors make this a conventional masterpiece. If there is one thing that Rug Art truly believes in is placing quality above everything else. You can be assured that this rug will deliver not just on its attractiveness but also on its premium material and fibers. The story doesn’t end here. Only Rug Art can offer such a fantastic round rug at such an affordable price. So, stop your search here and buy this rug today.