Traditional Style Round Rug 160×160 cm 500 black red


Nothing says royalty more than a combination of jet black and blood red. Rug Art’s collection of conventional rug understands this more than anyone else and hence, brings this traditional style round rug to you. Every home today should use a round rug that is so strikingly gorgeous that you don’t want to take your eyes off it. With this traditional rug, you can be certain of those compliments pouring in for its exquisite beauty. What’s unique about this round carpet is that it can enhance the decorative splendor of conventional homes and modern ones. No matter which room, corner, or center you wish to add this brilliance to, this rug is guaranteed to intensify that space’s grandeur.

The rug has a large black circular base in the middle and a thick red rim bordering the center. Motifs of cream, brown, beige, and gold make intricate floral designs that cover this magnificent round carpet. Rug Art is precise about the materials and the quality you receive,

and therefore, this rug is made with the best fibers. While other ornate-looking rugs can make a big hole in your pockets, you can take home this Traditional Style rug at an exceptionally reasonable price. You can buy the 160 x 160cm size without further thought and make your house feel like a palace.