Traditional Round Rug 160×160 cm 500 cream red

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Why do people invest in a carpet? There are a variety of answers to this question, starting to add texture to their floors. Some want a rug to feel its cozy warmth on those cold nights, while others love to watch their kids play on a safe and soft mat. Most of you surely are looking for a rug that will add to the beauty of your homes. This traditional round rug, which features in Rug Art collection is sure to enhance your floors with its intricate splendor. The rug is available in 160 x 160 cm size and will fit perfectly in any room or space you desire.

This palatial magnificence has a base circle of cream in the center and a concentric circle with a red base around it. The cream base homes floral motifs of contrasting colors bring a royal look to this round rug. While the patterns on the red base aptly support its rich look. Trying to find such pieces online might not be that difficult, but getting it at this affordable price is unmistakably tough. Besides, at Rug Art, you are guaranteed a premium-quality rug, so you can be assured that you are making the correct choice. So, buy today and enjoy the gorgeousness of this furnishing brilliance.