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Most people relate the color red as a symbol of love. But red also represents energy, strength, passion, among other positive connotations. This Palace Red round rug will bring in a positive vibe while decorating your room with a touch of tradition. This rug combines the antique artistry of Persia with styling from Europe to add to your homes. No matter where this Palace Red rug is placed, it will enhance the look of that space. The carpet has a red color base with cream and black color flowers imprinted on it in circular patterns along with splashes of other colors. Made in Turkey, this rug is made with high-quality Heat-set polypropylene and has a pile size of 15mm. This rug is made with machines that are known to perfect any task they undertake. So, you can be assured that you are buying a premium product at an affordable price.

This rug will blend with your opulent interiors, but it will also add texture to your otherwise plain flooring. The Palace Red rug brings lavishness to your homes with its colors and floral motifs. The tightly knotted pile does not allow for any shedding of fibers, nor does it attract any static. You can make a choice between three sizes as per the area of your room. The rugs are available in 160 x160 cm, 200 x 200 cm, and 240 x 240 cm. If you are worried about how to clean this rug, then don’t bother yourself too much. You can wash it, vacuum it, spot-clean with a wet cloth, or lift and dust it off. It is that convenient to clean this light-weighted round carpet. Don’t delay your purchase anymore, buy the Palace Red and uplift the look of your home.

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160 X 160 cm, 200 X 200 cm, 240 X 240 cm