Diamond 8328 Red and Black Rug


Diamond is a heat set, carved polypropylene rug. Machine made in Turkey.

Sizes Are

  • 120x170cm                                             $ 199
  • 160x160cm circle,120x120cm circle  $ 249 And $ 149
  • 160x230cm                                            $ 299
  • 200x290cm                                            $ 499
  • 240x330cm                                            $ 699
  • 280x380cm                                            $ 899
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A red and black rug is an area rug that predominantly features the colours red and black in its design. These rugs come in various styles, materials, sizes and patterns, making them suitable for interior decor themes. Here are some key characteristics and factors to consider when it comes to black rugs;

Style: Red and black rugs can be found in styles, including contemporary, traditional, geometric, abstract or even Oriental. It’s important to choose a style that complements your design.

Material: Rugs can be made from materials such as wool, synthetic fibers, cotton or blends. The choice of material affects the texture of the rug as its durability and maintenance requirements.

Size: When selecting an black rug consider the size in relation to the room. Smaller rugs can define areas like under a coffee table while larger ones cover floor space.

Pattern: Red and black rugs offer a variety of patterns ranging from colours, with borders to intricate designs. The pattern you choose significantly impacts the appeal of the rug.

Room Placement:Think about where you intend to place your black rug within your space.
Red and black rugs are versatile and suitable, for areas in your home such as living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms or as hallway runners.

Taking care of your rug may vary depending on the material and design. It is important to follow the cleaning and maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Before you start shopping for an black rug it’s an idea to set a budget. Rug prices can differ significantly based on size, material and brand. Having a budget in mind will help you narrow down your choices.

When selecting a black rug it’s crucial to consider your style and how it will complement your overall interior decor. Take into account the existing colour schemes, furniture pieces and design elements, in the room to ensure a look.

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120 X 170 cm, 160 X 230 cm, 200 X 290 cm, 240 X 330 cm, 280 X 380 cm, 80 X 300 cm