Contemporary and innovative modern design Round Rugs

Made from Heatset polypropylene for extra durability.

Low pile makes easy to clean and vacuum And washable quality with 12 MM Pile


160X160 CM   $ 249

200X200 CM  $ 349

240X240 CM   $ 599

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This one is a perfect combination of modern design and contemporary style. Its innovative design perfectly complements a room with modern decoration. This extraordinary rug is created from Heatset polypropylene. It gives you exceptional durability. If you buy it once, it’ll last forever. This is a designer piece that you can pass on to the next generation.

On the other hand, people usually avoid designer items because they are expensive. But this one is a remarkable exception. This magical rug is not only affordable but also gives you great comfortability. Your children can play on it while you can spend some quality time with your partner or simply enjoy its modern beauty.

Now, if you are worried about its maintenance, then let us inform you that low pile makes it hassle-free and super easy to clean. A simple vacuum will be enough. Otherwise, you can wash it. It comes with 12 MM Pile washable quality. Different shapes and sizes are given from which you can pick the best one according to the area and need of your room. For example, if you have a small space, you can place this rug there, and all of a sudden, it’ll start appearing bigger. So grab the deal before it goes out of stock.