Antique Sustainable Wollen Rug


Nowadays, sophisticated people usually look for unique colors with a classic design. Red or white woolen rugs are conventional. This antique piece is quite different from others. Its excellent combination of colors with superb floral design takes its look to the next level. This machine-made rug is crafted from world-class New Zealand wool. So the quality and the texture of this piece are

superior. This one is durable, and it has excellent tensile strength. This beauty is fade resistant. But never place it under direct sunlight.

The best thing is you can wash it quite easily with easy vacuuming. In short, you can use this beautiful woolen rug for quite a long time without investing much effort to clean it. It’s a legacy that you pass onto your next generation. This woolen carpet is also flame resistant. When it comes to comfortability, you will be fully satisfied as this product will give you the utmost comfort with its softness. You can relax on this exquisite rug even if you are an allergy patient. This will prevent bacteria too. So check your interior and place this carpet wherever you want. It will definitely complement the beauty of your home.