Wool Rugs

Wool is a natural fiber produced by Sheep so that they can survive in extreme environmental conditions. This makes wool a highly resilient material that can retain its elegant aesthetic for many years without hinge. As a result, Wool rugs are the way to go if you want a tasteful flooring option for your home which maintains its quality over a long period of time.

At Rug Art, we sell wool rugs that come in various colors, textures and designs which provide infinite options for you to choose the one that meets your requirements.

There are countless benefits to buying a wool rug. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Lavish
    The look and feel of a wool rug is quite luxurious. It provides high functionality along with being elegant to look at. Due to the craftsmanship that goes into making a wool rug, it can make your house look sophisticated and refined with minimal effort.
  • Natural choice
    As wool is a natural material, it is non-allergenic and prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and mites. It can also help balance the humidity inside the house as it absorbs moisture in increased humidity and releases it back when the weather is dry. And because transforming wool fiber into a wool carpet is an energy efficient procedure, it leaves behind minimal carbon footprint. It is also biodegradable which makes it a superior choice in terms of sustainability.
  • Comfortable
    Wool rugs are extremely comfortable and provide the perfect space for you to kick back and relax inside your home. They maintain warmth and turn any room into an abode of utmost comfort. And as it is a highly elastic material, it has the ability to stretch without losing its original shape and size. It is also wrinkle proof and doesn’t leave indentation marks when a furniture is placed over it.
  • Flame Resistant
    Wool carpets are flame resistant by nature. Due to the way these carpets are made, they have the ability to extinguish fire by itself without melting as compared to other synthetic fiber rugs which easily catch fire. Thus, these rugs reduce the chances of mishaps inside your home especially if you have children.
  • Easy Care
    It is quite easy to care for wool carpet as it is stain resistant. Wool prevents the stains from sinking into the material which makes it easier to clean. The dust that accumulates on the carpet can also be easily removed with quick vacuuming. This helps to maintain the quality of the wool rug over the long run with little effort.
  • Durable
    Wool rugs do not wear out easily as they have very good tensile strength. This quality makes the carpet retain its beauty and value over a long period of time. And because of the special dyeing pigments that are used in colouring wool rugs, they are fade resistant when kept away from direct sunlight. This quality makes wool rugs a very good investment for your home.

Wool rugs are extremely beautiful by themselves and due to the varied options available, they can fit into any kind of aesthetic you choose for your home. Wool rugs are luxurious, comfortable and durable which makes it an excellent flooring option for everyone.

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