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Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring medium density fiberboard (MDF) or high density fibreboard (HDF) and the production of decorative paper coated both sides, top coat, balanced use of materials such as paper, office and residential flooring is usually used in enclosed spaces, such as solid parquet and laminated flooring group of the product have more alternative products. Mist Laminate flooring such as solid wood floors do not require polishing, scratch and wear easily.

Be applied easily, natural, decorative and warm appearance, having sufficient physical mechanical properties, sanitary structure, reasonable price, easy to clean, environment-related positive features, such as that found plenty of reasons, the first in Europe and the U.S., the country following years accepted and widespread use of floor coverings market has managed to take an active market share.

Artfloor as a complete flooring system as a world-class 7 and 8 mm in AC3 and AC4. thick and 1200 mm. x 193 mm. size, rich colors and patterns are produced by plants in Kastamonu. Laminate flooring line from Kastamonu, HOMAG firm founded by a world leader and is equipped with the latest technology. In Turkey, 260 meters / minute production rate is based here and working with the first and only facility in Europe, the speed and capacity of this plant is running at the same time the second plant.

Obtained from the production of laminate flooring in the secondary sections of forest and plantation maintenance and thinning studies in the form of damage to natural forests to the use of trees are grown. This is an environmentally friendly product feature laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring consists of four main layers:

1 -) Overlay layer laminate flooring will face at point of use is a layer of transparent film that serves as armor against mechanical influence.

2 -) is a layer of decorative paper printed patterns on the surface of different trees, giving the feel of natural wood laminate flooring product layer.

3 -), Carrier plate, HDF (high density fibreboard)

4 -) balancing layer, HDF form plate at the same time balancing the humidity or moisture from the ground paper layer which protects the product against the impulse.

Impregnation of the paper layers are used in the manufacture of laminate flooring machines are equipped with the latest technology. During the impregnation process, abrasion, scratch, UV resistance, gloss, moisture resistance of the layers of paper are loaded to give the chemicals.

Laminate Flooring is one of the most important factors determining the quality of the production quality and performance of cutting tools used. Kastamonu Integrated, Leitz, and Leuco least two of the leading supplier in Europe, such as working with this issue.

Again, the production of laminate flooring in our country team in CVD and Monodiamond Entegre Kastamonu Kastamonu laminate flooring manufacturing plants in Gebze and used. Surface profile of the cutting tools is of great importance in providing micron-level vulnerabilities.

One of the most important features that distinguishes Entegre Kastamonu in the two facilities each computer-controlled camera system of quality control and grading work is done.

Massen / Baumer company with the help of cameras on the plate is too small to detect errors in the integrated line speed has developed a system capable of separating defective products.

110-200 pieces per minute of production quality control process in the human eye with the identification and classification of errors listed above possibility of watching these defective products ineffective and 1 sevkedilebilmektedir in quality.

However, even the smallest mistakes Massen line speed camera systems are classified as compliant, and provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Profile of hits used in the production of laminate flooring, Unilin Uniclick L2C profile produced under the agreement made with the company.

The cross sectional profile of the production of laminate flooring with knives, the projection 100% by equivalence, the control device is provided every two hours.

Originating in Japan in the world MITOTOYA firm is a leader in the production of precision measuring instruments and devices Kastamonu MITITOYA Entegre measurements are performed in each of the two facilities.

Entegre Kastamonu Kastamonu in 2008, his factory, and the profile line skirting the need for investment in a market with more targeted to meet.

View facility has an annual production capacity of 50 million per running meter, the demand for all types of profiles and skirting, high quality, reasonable price and is designed to meet as soon as possible.



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